Collection: UK Legal Folding Knives

Hand-forged folding knives that are UK legal carry. This means that the blade length is under 3" (7.62cm) and does not lock. All of my folding knives are specifically designed to be legal carry in the United Kingdom and other countries with similarly restrictive knife laws.

Many of the folding knives that I make are friction folders - the most ancient folding knife design dating back to pre-Roman times - where the blade is held open by friction and the downward pressure of your thumb on the tang.  This tang can be a either a simple tab or a carefully forged serpent or scroll. Many designs are based on Viking & Anglo-Saxon folding knives  that have been found at various archaeological sites around the British Isles & Northern Europe.

I also make some traditional slipjoints, which did not become common until the 16th century - with a backspring that holds the blade open or closed. These are much more complex and time consuming to make by hand so I usually have less available.

The price of each knife reflects the complexity of the build, the time it takes to make the knife and the costs of the materials involved. Each part of every knife is made by hand from the raw materials using traditional methods and minimal use of modern power tools.